Put Your Feet Up

im done talking to TY (Friday, Jan. 08, 2010)

I realized the other day that a male friend of mine TY suddenly won’t come within 6 feet of me… and every time I come through the p-ways (hallways) he takes off – real busy like. I thought it was all a coincidence until last night. I was sitting in the library with a friend of mine-Ruth and TY walked by. My friend pointed him out to me- and said –“ooh there goes your little friend Ty!” he stopped in the doorway and reached his hand out to me- as if to try to reach me from 8 feet away. I said to him; “How come you never come by and visit the office anymore?” and he just stammered out- oh- I just- cant- come close to you…60 more days- Hun 60 more days…umm yeah” and then he jogged off up the stairway. And Ruth said- “that was weird…” and I totally get it now why suddenly he won’t come within 6 feet of me.

He means we come home off of deployment in 60 days and that’s when he can have sex again. Crazy. It kind of makes me sad that I am having that effect on him, so much so that we can’t even say hi- or high five in the P-way. So I decided in my rack last night- that I will not speak to him any more. That is I will not initiate conversation.

So today I was outside painting a bulkhead and Ty came by to talk trash to the other people I was painting with. I turned around and looked at him, and went back to painting the wall. Normally I would have said hi to him, but not anymore.

So I’m really sad and mad. Too bad I have this effect on him.

In other news my friend Ben emailed me to let me know he’s been to busy to hang out. That’s so funny because this whole ship is only like 500 yards. And I just don’t see him for a week? This place is so small! And he actually had to email me to let me know this. I told him of our plans to go out in Jebel Ali and do our new years over; hopefully he’s down for all those shenanigans. He told me will hang out this week underway and catch up.

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